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Land Use File Review Service


If you and your staff feel frustrated and confused by the Land Use application process, struggle to collect the required documentation from applicants, and don’t know how to properly calculate annual income or assets.

We know you feel angry like the system is just making the process overly complicated and hindering your ability to fill your vacant restricted units. 

We offer a Land Use file review service that can be used prior to submission. We will review your entire LU application and provide an audit write up that will include a detailed outline on corrections that should be made to the LU forms and documentation that should be included or clarified. Our goal is to help you or your staff dramatically increase the probability that your file will be approved on the first round.

To get started, all you have to do is follow these 4 easy steps.

  1. Notify us at the end of this page that you are interested in the file review service and we will send you the File Review Service Commitment Agreement.
  2. Send us the complete LU application including all of the supporting documents.
  3. We will review the file and provide you with a detailed audit sheet that includes expert advice and suggestions. 
  4. You would then make the suggested corrections and submit the file to the reviewing agency. 

If your Land Use applications are not completed properly, they could be rejected without review or much explanation. Depending on how many application corrections are required, it could take up to 6 weeks for review and may not end in an approval.

During the process, you and your applicants may be extremely frustrated, confused, and receive little to no help from the reviewing agency to help you understand what wrong or missing.

In addition, if you’re unable to locate a qualified candidate, or your files are rejected, you could lose months of rental income. 

We will help remove the confusion and guess work with Land Use applications by providing you a detailed audit sheet that outlines how your application can be improved. We are here to help you drastically improve the chances that your file gets through the system either on the first submission or with minimal corrections. 

If there is any portion of file review that you have questions on, we will happily get on a call with you or your staff and walk you through the corrections or explain why we advised a particular correction or additional piece of documentation. 

Let us help you today!

Schedule our service now by requesting a File Review Service Commitment Agreement.