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Our Done-For-You Land Use Application Service

We handle the collection of all required documentation from applicants, properly calculate annual income and assets. Then ensure all Land Use forms are completed thoroughly and meet all agency requirements so the applicants to your restricted units can get approved quickly.


Eliminate Rejected Files And Correction Headaches

We work with your applicant(s) and step them through the entire LU application process, so all you have to do is lease them up. No more rejected files or correction delays.

Quick Turnaround

We collect all of the necessary documentation from your applicant, ensure forms are completed correctly, and have a file ready for agency approval in 7 days or less, in most cases.

Fixed Service Price

We charge one fixed price for each LU application file processed and guarantee approval.
Working Together

We are your compliance partner.

We do not want to replace your current property management team, we want to make them better!


We help your team become more efficient and effective by doing a task that is time consuming, frustrating, and often confusing, so they can focus on the things they do best.

We deliver effective performance & results
We know time is money and want to make sure that your Land Use applicants are approved as quickly as possible!
Cost effective & efficient
We offer fixed pricing so you can better control your costs.
Our Experience

We Are Affordable Housing Compliance Experts

Our team of Low Income Housing specialists have more than 4 decades of combined compliance and property management experience.

We are experts in the Low Income Public Housing (LIPH) space and have excelled in LIPH by knowing how to cut through the red tape and housing jargon by creating efficient processes and procedures.

A Simple Process

Just Follow Some Easy Steps.

To get started with the DFY Land Use application service, all you have to do is follow these 3 easy steps.

Send us the contact information for your selected applicant.
We will work with your applicant to ensure forms are completed correctly, collect all of the required documents, and calculate income & assets to agency standards. We then submit the fully completed application to the agency for approval on your behalf.
You receive the application approval and lease up the applicant.
Some Reality

A Bit of Honesty.

Let’s be honest, there are some major pain points to dealing with Land Use applications yourself. If you’ve ever submitted a LU application, you know what we mean. 

Here are a few of the biggest ones we hear frequently. 

Pain Relief

How We Eliminate Your Pain.

We remove all the confusion and guess work with Land Use applications by working directly with your applicant.

To ensure forms are completed correctly we contact your applicant and walk them through all of the forms, ensure the proper documents are collected, and that income/assets are calculated based on state/federal regulations.

We remove all the stress and anxiety around working with Land Use applications.

And with our process, an applicant could potentially be  ready for submission and be ready for move-in within 7-10 days of initial contact.

Get approved with Affordable Housing Compliance Specialists

Let’s work together on your next Land Use application

We can assist you in processing all of your Land Use (Density Bonus) applications quickly and effortlessly. We take care of everything so all your staff has to do handle the leasing.

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