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Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for the recurring Done-For-You Application service. 

Recurring Done-For-You Application Service

Terms and Conditions

These are the complete terms and conditions for the recurring Done-For-You Land Use Application Service. 

We will process Land Use applications on your behalf, on a recurring basis which includes:

  • Contacting applicant or applicant family
  • Assisting applicant(s) with completion of forms
  • Collecting required income and asset documentation from all adult household members
  • Properly calculating all income and assets per agency/state/federal standards
  • Submitting a completed application including all relevant backup documentation to agency for review
  • Forwarding approved file to owner/management agent
  • Forwarding original file with all backup documentation to owner/property manager to retain in tenants file

Prior to starting initial work, we will require a copy of the Land Use Covenant for the property as well as a copy of the current Rent and Income Schedule.

If we determine that an applicant is over the income limit for the property, or does not meet other standards required by the Land Use Covenant for the property (such as the Occupancy Standards, for example), we will send the owner/management agent a form letter outlining why the applicant(s) is over the property income limit and include backup documentation that can be included in the denial notice. 

It is the responsibility of the owner/management company to notify the applicant of the denial using an official notice. We will assist the owner/management agent to understand why the file was denied, but it is the responsibility of the property to convey that information to the applicant. 

This service does not cover the following:

  • Post Move-In Tenants
  • Current tenants that need to be initially certified for the Land Use program

All files processed in a month (30 day period), will be invoiced at the beginning of the following month. The invoice will list all files processed within the noted period. 

Once invoiced, payment is due within 30 days from date of invoice. Late payment is subject to fees of 5% per month.

These terms and conditions are subject to change as necessary. Owners and/or property agents will be notified as needed.